Taking care of yourself and others

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Taking care of family and friends is a priority, but so is taking care of yourself. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two….

Too often taking care of ourselves is sacrificed to the demands placed on us trying to make it through our day. We’ve all been in that situation when we’ve been too busy to exercise, or prepare a healthy meal. And before you know it, the meals you ate took away your energy and you never got the chance to exercise. Not only do you feel bad physically, but you feel emotionally drained too.

But what if you could get everything off your “to-do” list while making healthy choices?

Lately I’ve been listening to stories of men and women that have been doing just that. As a lipid specialist, I have been work with patients to help them make lifestyle changes to improve their cardiovascular health. But they also lead busy and demanding lives. Many of them are finding ways to make healthy choices while still spending time with others. For example, instead going to the gym to exercise or walking on a treadmill, one mother decided she could burn those extra calories playing at the park with her son. To be honest, burning calories while playing sounds like more fun to me.

So Doing Life Well is about sharing the stories and discoveries of how people with busy lives like you and I can do those things to help you feel their best; to be well physically, emotionally and mentally.

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