Gratitude and Giving Back: a patient’s perspective

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I feel truly privileged to share this post from one of our patients.

grat·i·tude [ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od] NOUN. 1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

So interesting when you think you know the definition of a word and with life changes, you’re prompted to revisit that word and it’s definition

Fully aware, I thought,  the definition of gratitude, yet upon closer inspection, my revisit was even more profound.

“and to return kindness”.

For me, that last line of the definition of gratitude was a bit of a revelation in discovering “returning kindness” was an ACTUAL part of the definition.

I have often heard that having good health is surely something for which we must be grateful.

But since I recently had a blockage in my heart, which was discovered early and a procedure performed to correct the situation, I truly have experienced the word grateful like never before.

Because true gratitude emerges quite strongly when one’s health IS compromised.

It’s the bumps in the road of life that should and must energize and truly inspire gratitude.

Gratitude becomes rather forgotten, rather low on the list of important mandates when things are going smoothly.

And alas, I MUST now remember to not only maintain my level of kindness, but increase my efforts to “return the kindness ” as a more SIGNIFICANT part of my gratitude.

Nicole- Thanks for your spirit, sense of humor, and perception.

I am most grateful.

Very grateful.


Patient of Dr. Ramirez

A Big Fan of Nicole Ciffone for my follow up visits

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